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Because it's creamy, silky and yummy.

Our cold brew is charged with food grade nitrogen gas that is kept in pressurized kegs. Nitrogen, unlike carbon dioxide, does not affect the taste of the liquid. When poured from the tap, dissolved nitrogen gas expands, producing micro bubbles that form the characteristic cascading effect and creamy head just like a pint of Guinness. It is also simply beautiful to watch. 

This gives nitro drinks a unique silky mouthfeel without the need for dairy. Another advantage is that the nitrogen bubbles will give the perception of sweetness therefore eliminating the need for sugar or other sweeteners.


Less acid, less bitter

In a quest to make his wife happy, our barista was desperately trying to find an alternative to hot brew coffee that his wife enjoys so much but cannot drink on a regular basis because of her acid reflux. However, instead of an alternative to coffee, the answer was just coffee brewed at low temperature.


 Cold brew contains far less acidity than regular hot brewed coffee. Higher levels of acidity in hot brew coffee is the reason so many people have issues with upset stomach and ulcers.

We brew our coffee at 5°c where flavors are patiently extracted during the 16-hour brewing process. Low temperature means less bitterness and a mellow profile while still providing a good caffeine kick.


Another advantage is no excess dilution from ice-cooling. Lastly, all our non-iced nitro cold brew drinks are served at the strength intended for best enjoyment, from the first sip to the last. 

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