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Rum n' Crumb

Ruminated raisins and

cookie crumbles

Rum n Crumb.png

If you like coffee, rum, cookie and raisins then look no further. These ingredients mixed together will leave you wishing you've met us sooner.

The ice cream is made with a whole lot of rhum agricole supplied by our friend, Amaltery. The raisins are soaked in dark rum for 7 days before going into the ice cream giving a juicy intense flavour that compliment our nitro cold brew very well.


In fact, Amaltery ice cream's Chef like rum so much, some say he purposely drowse the inside of his car with rhum to make his car smell good.

SIZE (oz)



Milk and Cream


Ice Cream


Real Rum & Raisin


Cookie Crumbles

Berry Tastic

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