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Taste comes first.

When it comes to creating a drink, taste has always been our priority. All other aspects of this unique and gratifying creative process simply fall into place. In the quest for the best taste result we often take elaborate actions to ensure that the finished product is consistently beautiful and tasty at the same time.

At times we also find ourselves crafting our own ingredients, whenever they might not be available. Through this process, where every detail has been carefully thought out, we try to make sure that you are served the best possible drink each time you place your order.


It's what's on the inside that counts.

Apart from using premium ingredients, we also make efforts in reducing our environmental footprint. Our plastic cups are bio-degradable and our straws are made from paper. We also take pride on being the only coffee shop to use the ‘clear sipping lid’ (commissioned the design and production) for our non-iced nitro in 8oz cups in support to the #saynotostraw campaign. Moreover, similar to many cocktails, a lot of our drinks are designed to be drunk without a straw therefore giving you the best nitro experience as well as all the intended aromas.

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